Company information

When you purchase your supplies from Earthly Beads and Peaces, you can be assured you are getting:

  • Top quality products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast shipping turnaround

Our Mission Statement:

Ensuring everyone has access to high quality affordable jewellery making supplies supplies. Making jewellery creation using natural beads and amber affordable and fun.

About Kelly (Owner)

I am a  mum of 2 kids who loves to make Jewellery using quality, natural gemstones and quality amber beads.  I adore beads and crystals so Earthly Beads and Peaces is the perfect fit for me.

I love the products I sell, and although i make less jewellery now due to time constraints, I use and recommend our products to all jewellery makers  – I especially love seeing all the amazing creations made with our products!

I was also continually frustrated with the slow turnaround when placing bead orders, especially when a customer was waiting for a custom item. I understand that when you need some beads you need them fast -so  your orders are always packed and on their way super fast!